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Even though Avada (affiliate link) is a multi-purpose WordPress theme packed with a lot of features, it has become pretty well optimized over the years.

If your WordPress website runs on a good hosting, and you also optimize other important areas, then the Avada theme won’t prevent your website from having a good loading time.


In this post, I’ll only show how to speed up the Avada WordPress theme by tweaking its settings.

I won’t go into a full WordPress website speed optimization, but here are some posts that will help you out on that manner:

How to speed up the Avada WordPress theme

Below are the theme settings that you need to tweak to improve Avada’s performance, therefore speed.


Basically, you’ll just have to disable a bunch of stuff.

Disable the Avada Fusion Builder Elements that you don’t use

Head to Fusion Builder -> Settings and disable all the features that you don’t use, so that Avada won’t unnecessary load them.

avada fusion builder elements

You can also completely disable the Fusion Builder on certain posts types, such as Posts, Pages, Portfolio, and so on.


disable avada fusion builder on post types

So, if you know for a fact that you won’t use any Fusion Builder elements on your products pages, for example, you should disable it there.

Disable the Avada sliders

I’m not really a fan of sliders and carousels, and if you don’t use them as well, then disable them.

Go to Avada -> Theme Options -> Advanced -> Theme Features and disable the Elastic Slider and Fusion Slider.

disable avada sliders

Since you’re there and we’re talking about sliders, scroll up a bit and disable the Avada Styles For Revolution Slider.

disable avada revolution slider features

Disable Avada CSS animations on mobiles

If you’re using CSS animations, it’s best if you’d disable them on mobile devices.

Some animations don’t even work properly on mobiles anyway, such as the ones that are based on hovering.

So, head to Avada -> Theme Options -> Advanced -> Theme Features and turn off CSS Animations on Mobiles.

disable CSS animations in avada theme

If you don’t use CSS animations at all, then you can disable them altogether, even though, usually, they shouldn’t impact the speed if done properly, from what I understand.

Disable Avada scripts

Go to Avada -> Theme Options -> Advanced -> Theme Features and disable the scripts for the features that you don’t use.

avada scripts

APIs usually don’t go along well with speed, so the fewer you have, the better.

If you don’t use Vimeo and/or YouTube videos, disable their API scripts. I don’t use Vimeo videos, so I only disabled the API script for Vimeo.

If you don’t implement a Google map on your site, disable that as well.

ToTop scripts are responsible for that arrow that appears on the bottom-right corner of the page or post, which the user can click to go to the top quickly.

If your pages/posts are not long, you should disable them. The mobile one is currently disabled by default.

I keep the script on for desktops/laptops, but I keep it disabled for mobiles, especially because space is limited there and that arrow appears over the content.

Host Google fonts locally

Avada implemented this as a GDPR feature, but it’s also useful to optimize the loading time as well.

Go to Avada -> Theme Options -> Privacy and set Google Fonts Mode to Local.

host google fonts locally on avada theme

The fonts will be downloaded on your server instead of loading externally from Google.

Note that, as Diana pointed out in the comments, this can also have the opposite effect, depending on what fonts you use, how many, and how many styles.

You can end up with large files, which might affect your real speed, even if the speed tools will show a better grade and they won’t “whine” about another external script.

Perform some A/B testing to see how it goes.

Activate lazy loading for images

In Avada 5.8, a lazy loading feature was introduced.

Go to Avada > Theme Options > Performance > Performance > Enable Lazy Loading.

lazy loading avada

If you have a Lazy Loading plugin, I recommend disabling it and see if the feature from Avada behaves nicely and you’re satisfied with it. If you are, delete the plugin and use Avada’s feature.

The fewer plugins you have, the better!

Disable the WordPress emoji script

This option was added in 5.8.1, and you can find it in the same place as Lazy Loading, in Avada > Theme Options > Performance > Performance > Emojis script.

disable emojis avada

If you don’t use emojis, disable them. The fewer scripts you have running, the better!

Don’t use the “Related Posts” feature

“Related posts” are known to impact a WordPress site’s speed.

So, to further speed up the Avada WordPress theme, I recommend disabling the Related Posts feature in Avada -> Theme Options -> Blog -> Blog Single Post.

disable related posts avada theme

Instead, you should use internal linking and/or manually mention related posts throughout your articles.

You’ll notice that I have some “related posts” boxes inside the post, which I’ve manually created and manually placed.

Here’s how you can create your own “related “posts” boxes using CSS.

Enable Load Media-Queries Files Asynchronously

We’ve kept disabling theme features so far. Now, it’s time to enable something. :D

Loading media-queries files asynchronously is another feature that can speed up the Avada WordPress theme.

So, go to Avada -> Theme Options -> Performance -> Dynamic CSS & JS and turn on Load Media-Queries Files Asynchronously.

enable load media queries files asynchronously in avada theme

The other settings, CSS Compiling Method (Database) and Enable JS Compiler, should be enabled by default in Dynamic CSS & JS. If they are not, enable them.

NOTE: JS Compiler should only be enabled if your server is still using HTTP/1 instead of HTTP/2. Even if you enable it, if Avada detects HTTP/2, it will disable it by default!

That’s a wrap

I hope that you found the post useful and you’ve managed to speed up your Avada WordPress theme!

Keep in mind that the theme is only a part of WordPress speed optimization!

Don’t forget to share the post to help out others!

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