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Guidelines for Guest Posts

Guest posts are currently accepted. Almost any type of article related to WordPress will be accepted (e.g. tutorials, tips, listicles, etc.), as long as it meets the below guidelines.

  • It has to be well written in English, otherwise, I’ll end up rejecting it. So, if you know that your English level is not at least Upper-Intermediate, please don’t send a guest post request;
  • It must be unique/original, not duplicate or spun. Even though spun posts are pretty hard to spot, I do take my time in checking them out and I usually manage to spot them, therefore rejecting them at any given time, even after I happen to publish them;
  • It has to be longer than 500 words unless the topic is about a tip, hack or quick fix;
  • The topic shouldn’t be found on the blog already;
  • It should be well structured and comprehensive. Images should be used where and if possible (they are a must for tutorials). You can check some of my posts for examples;
  • Any external links added can be changed or completely removed, so I recommend not losing time trying to add backlinks to other websites;
  • The images should have a maximum width of 750px. Preferably, they should all be the same size, 750px, for design purposes;
  • An author bio is a must and the backlink (nofollow) will go there.

Payment won’t be requested!

If you want to write a guest post, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

1. I reserve the right to add internal and external links to the post, including affiliate links.

2. I reserve the right to make certain changes to the post before publishing it or even in the future (e.g. if some parts are not well-written, if some things that you might recommend get outdated, etc.).

These terms can be updated in the future.

Last updated: 11/8/2018

Guidelines for Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts allow you to present and spread the word about your business/products/services.

So, if you’re looking for more traffic, exposure, and brand awareness, then this is for you! If you’re looking for backlinks, then it’s not for you because they will be nofollow.

The guest post rules above – except for the external links part – apply for the sponsored posts as well !

If I’m getting paid to accept a post, it doesn’t mean that I’ll accept anything. Your content and your website/services/products need to be good.

Get more traffic and brand awareness

The advantages of a sponsored post

  • You can add one or more links to your website (posts, products, services, etc.) inside the post;
  • You can review/present your own products or services;
  • I’ll remove other 3rd party ads from inside the post (except for the one that’s after the post) so the readers won’t get distracted;
  • For a small extra fee, I won’t add internal links to the post, so your content will get all the attention.

Have questions or want to publish a sponsored post? Then get in touch.

1. The post will be marked as sponsored at the top so that the readers will know I’m getting paid for it, and to comply with the FTC law as well.

2. You understand that this website/blog (themeskills.com) might not exist forever. If it ever shuts down or changes ownership, the post might get removed as well.

A refund will not be offered.

3. If your website, web page, products, services, etc., change, stop existing, contain malware, or anything of that nature, I reserve the right to remove the post.

By “change”, I mean more drastic changes. For example, if you offered a type of service and then changed it to something different (e.g. WordPress backup services to WordPress security services).

A refund will not be offered.

4. If I find out that the post was copied or spun, even after it was published and I received the payment, I reserve the right to remove it.

A refund will not be offered.

5. If I receive legitimate bad feedbacks from the users regarding your mentioned services/products, I reserve the right to remove the post.

A refund will not be offered.

If points 3, 4 or 5 occur, you’ll be contacted on the provided email address.

6. You’re not allowed to add affiliate links.

These terms can be updated in the future.

If you want a sponsored post on this website, it means that you accepted and understood these terms.

For any questions, contact me at [email protected]

Last updated: 11/8/2018

Why Nofollow Backlinks?

Google rules

Buying or selling links is considered a link scheme by Google, which is a violation of the Webmaster Guidelines.

Google Link Scheme

Nofollow links still have power

They might not pass page rank, but they still help to get more traffic, brand awareness, and leads!

moz hidden power of nofollow links