When you log in to WordPress, you’ll notice some boxes in your Dashboard.


There aren’t so many when you first install WordPress, but once you install a theme and plugins, more could appear and create quite a clutter, so you might want to remove some.

WordPress Dashboard Boxes


You can achieve this by using the Screen Options feature, so you won’t need any kind of coding.

Click here if you want to jump straight to the video tutorial.

The WordPress “Screen Options” feature

Screen Options is found on the top-right corner of your Dashboard.


WordPress Screen Options

Once you click it, you’ll see all the boxes that appear on your Dashboard.

Here are the default ones that appear when you perform a fresh and clean WordPress installation.

WordPress Dashboard Boxes


As I previously mentioned, more can pop up as you start installing a theme or plugins.

WordPress Dashboard Boxes

As you can see, I have extra Yoast, WooCommerce and Broken Link Checker boxes.

How to use the “Screen Options” feature to customize your admin Dashboard

Well, this is going to be dead easy, as you might have figured it out by now. You just need to uncheck the boxes that you want to remove from your Dashboard.

Remove boxes from WordPress Dashboard

I unchecked the Welcome box, and it’s now gone from my Dashboard.

Note that the settings are saved per user, which means that if you have a multi-user website, the changes won’t apply for everyone.

How to rearrange the Dashboard boxes

You can also re-arrange the boxes in your Dashboard by simply dragging them.

Rearrange boxes in WordPress

Screen Options are not available just for your Dashboard, they are available on other areas as well, like in your Posts editing area.

Screen Options post editing area

Video guide

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