Ever wanted to remove some elements from your WordPress admin interface, such as the WordPress logo or the WordPress version in the footer?


Well, here’s some good news! You can do that! WordPress is flexible when it comes to its back-end as well.

So, in this tutorial, I’ll recommend a plugin that will allow you to easily remove up to 9 different elements. The developer might add more in the future.


Speaking of the developer – he’s the same one that developed the Add Admin CSS plugin, which I mentioned in my previous post about how to add custom CSS to your WordPress admin area.

Now, let’s get to it!

Remove elements from your WordPress admin interface

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The first thing you need to do is to install the Admin Trim Interface plugin.

Here are different ways to install a plugin in WordPress.

After you’ve installed the plugin, go to Appearance > Admin Trim Interface to access its settings.


admin trim interface wordpress plugin settings

Here are the elements that you can remove from your WordPress admin interface:

  1. WordPress logo in admin bar;
  2. Home icon in admin bar;
  3. “Howdy” text in the admin bar;
  4. Username in the admin bar;
  5. User avatar in the admin bar;
  6. Dashboard menu link;
  7. Contextual “Help” link;
  8. Footer links;
  9. WordPress version.
admin trim interface plugin

Image from Admin Trim Interface plugin page.

All you have to do is to simply check a box or more and then click the Save Changes button!

That’s it!

Some of the elements mentioned here can also be removed via code, as it’s shown in one of my previous posts about 5 easy customizations for your WordPress website.

If you use and like the Admin Trim Interface plugin, consider donating by clicking on the Donate to this plugin button found at the bottom of the sidebar on the plugin’s page, or you can use the link provided by the developer in the plugin’s settings.

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That’s a wrap

I hope you found the post useful and managed to remove elements from your WordPress admin interface!

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