The new Gutenberg WordPress editor does have some nice features, and it can be used as a page builder to create some simple pages.


One of those nice features is the Cover block, which basically consists of a title on a background image or video.

I use this block quite often when creating pages for blogs, such as the About page.


So, in this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use it as well!

You can watch the video or continue reading the post. The post contains some more details.

Adding a Cover Image or Video in Gutenberg

Step 1


Click the + sign to add a new block, search for “cover”, then click on the Cover block to add.

cover block wordpress gutenberg

Step 2

Upload an image or video, or add it from the Media Library if it’s already uploaded.

I’ll use an image as an example for this tutorial. Everything’s the same for videos!

cover block upload image gutenberg

Make sure you upload an optimized image with the right format and size.

Final step

Click on Write title… to make it disappear and add your own title.

write title cover image block

Customizing the Cover Image or Video

You can find different features and settings on the Cover block itself or in the right sidebar.

Using the toolbar

cover block toolbar

You can align the Cover block to the left, center or right.

Since I’m using the default Twenty Nineteen theme for my example, I also have two extra alignment options: wide width and full width.

You won’t have those unless your theme added such options for you.

You can also align the title within the Cover block to the left, center or right.

The title also has its own mini-toolbar, where you can make it bold or italic, or add a link or strikethrough (horizontal line through the middle of the text).

cover image title toolbar

Using the settings

When you click on the Cover block to select it, you’ll get this in the right sidebar.

cover block settings

Cover Settings (this isn’t available for video covers):

  • Fixed Background – If you enable it, it will add a parallax effect to the image. The image remains fixed and the content goes over it when you scroll.
fixed background cover


  • Overlay Color – Here, you can set the color that appears over the image or video.
  • Background Opacity – This adjusts the transparency of the color. The higher the value, the less transparent it will be.

For example, I set the color to red and opacity to 70.

cover image red background

If you set the opacity to 100, the cover image or video won’t be visible at all, just the color.

If you set the opacity to 0, you won’t have any color over the cover image or video.


Additional CSS Class – You can add a unique CSS class to make changes to the Cover block using custom CSS coding.

Front-end Look

Here’s how it looks like in the front-end of the Twenty Nineteen theme:

cover image wordpress

Pretty cool, right?

That’s a Wrap

I hope you found the tutorial useful and comprehensive, and you managed to add an awesome cover image or video on your WordPress post or page!

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