How to Add a Page in WordPress

>How to Add a Page in WordPress

Adding a page in WordPress is pretty straightforward, as you will see in this tutorial. Unlike posts, pages are used for static content.

In order to add a page, you’ll need to:

1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard, of course.
2. Go to Pages -> Add New.

How to Add a Page in WordPress

3. After that, you’ll be in the page editing area (click on the image to enlarge).

Edit Page in WordPress

4. In the editing area, you need to basically add a title, content, and then publish the page. It’s always a good idea to save the page as draft at first, so you can preview it and see if everything is in order before publishing it.

On the right side, you have meta boxes with features which you can choose from. For example, at the “Visibility” part, you can choose to let the page visible for the public, make it private, or make it password-protected. Depending on what theme and plugins you might have, there could be more meta boxes with more features.

You can also notice that, in my example, the URL slug is the same as the title of the page. In order to have that, which is recommended, you need to properly set up your permalink structure after installing WordPress.

That’s a wrap

This is basically it about adding a page in WordPress. Hope you found the tutorial useful and comprehensive!

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