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There are many reasons why WordPress is a great CMS to build a website / blog with.

WordPress, as an open-source platform, can be used by bloggers and professionals to create a website that fits their needs.


It offers a wide range of features that can help you to easily manage and update your site. Additionally, it provides you with plenty of themes and plugins that make it easy to build a WordPress website which is visually appealing and fully functional.

However, like with all websites, in order to get the maximum out of WordPress, you need to maintain it. This includes several tasks, like:

Here are several benefits of maintaining your WordPress website:

  • Enhanced user experience, which results in a lower bounce rate and improved click-through-rate;
  • It will help you keep your site safe from malicious threats;
  • It will make your site more accessible to search engine robots, which will lead to a faster search engine indexing, leading to a better ranking on SERPs.

WordPress website maintenance checklist [infographic]

The below WordPress maintenance guide comes in the form of an infographic, which consists of 50+ maintenance tasks that you need to undertake, in order to optimize your WordPress website for both users and search engines.

This WordPress maintenance guide is provided by

WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist Infographic