When writing a post in WordPress, at least one category must be assigned to it. You can’t have a post published without a category.


If you don’t create and select categories for your posts, WordPress will assign one by default, and that’s the Uncategorized category, which is already there when you install WordPress.

One of the things I do after installing WordPress is to rename the “Uncategorized” category to something that sounds better, such as “Other” or “General”.


That way, if I ever forget to select a category for a post, “Other” or “General” will be assigned to it by default, instead of “Uncategorized”, which looks careless and unprofessional.

How to change the default post category in WordPress

Now, if you want to change the WordPress default post category, you can easily do that through WordPress’ settings.

All you have to do is to go to Settings -> Writing, click on the Default Post Category drop-down menu and select another WordPress category, preferably one that you use more often than the rest.


default post category in wordpress

Don’t forget to click the Save Changes button!

That’s it!

Now, whenever you write a post, the default post category will be the one that you selected.

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