In WordPress 4.8, media widgets (Image, Audio, Video) were finally added to the WordPress core, thing which made a lot of people happy!


Later on, the possibility to add a link to the image was also implemented, which was a big improvement.

When adding a link to the WordPress image widget, it won’t open in a new tab by default, which is not optimal when it comes to external links, because you don’t want your users to completely leave your site to go to another one, right?


So, if you can’t figure out how to make the link from the WordPress image widget open in a new tab, I’ll show you in this post!

Open the WordPress image widget link in a new tab

This is actually very easy. No coding or plugins needed!

1. Upload your image and add your link in the widget, then click the Edit Image button.


edit wordpress image widget

2. Under the Advanced Options section, check the Open link in a new tab box.

open link in new tab wordpress image widget

3. Click on the Update button, then on the Save button in the image widget.


That’s it! Now the link from the WordPress image widget will open in a new tab!

Note: If the change didn’t take effect after simply refreshing your page, clear your browser and website cache!

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That’s a wrap

Hope the post was comprehensive enough and helped you out!

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