As WordPress and themes become more and more advanced, so do the widgets that are implemented.


Nowadays, some widgets can have more options than the theme itself :) .

You probably already found yourself in a situation where you needed to add a widget with the same configuration in more than one place, such as your sidebar and footer, and you had to spend extra time setting it up again.


Fortunately, there’s a way to duplicate a widget in WordPress, and I’ll show you how!

How to duplicate a widget in WordPress

To duplicate a widget in WordPress, you’ll need to install a plugin called Duplicate Widgets.

It doesn’t have any settings to set up, and you can duplicate a WordPress widget with just a simple click!


After you’ve installed it, go to the Widgets section, click on the down-arrow to open up the widget’s settings, then click on the Clone link.

duplicate widget in wordpress

That’s it! A duplicated widget will now appear under the original one, and you can drag it to another sidebar or footer.

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