WordPress lets you disable certain email notifications, such as notifications for new comments or notifications when creating a new user, but not all of them.


If you want to disable all email notifications that come from WordPress, then you’ll need a plugin called Disable Emails created by WebAware.

You basically just need to install the plugin and activate it. It will work out-of-the-box.


The only settings it has are these ones:

disable emails wordpress plugin settings

You can find them in Settings > Disable Emails.

If you want all WordPress email notifications to stop, then you should leave them like that.


No emails will be sent anymore.

You could uncheck the settings for the BuddyPress and Events Manager plugins, though, if you don’t use them.


This plugin works for the standard WordPress email function, which is wp_mail().


If your theme or another plugin implements its own wp_mail() function, or uses the PHP mail() function, or implements an SMTP client, then you’ll still receive email notifications.

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