In a previous post, I’ve shown how to add Google Fonts in WordPress. Now, I’ll show you how to disable them.


Google Fonts is used by the vast majority of web developers nowadays, and for good reason.

There are over 900 fonts there, they are free, easy to implement and work with.


Even though they load fast enough, they’re external requests, so you’ll get some warnings about them when performing speed tests for your WordPress website.

This is usually the main reason people would want to disable them and use locally installed fonts instead.

So, let’s get to it!


Check Your WordPress Theme’s Settings

Some WordPress themes allow you to either disable Google fonts or download them on your server to be used locally.

So, check your theme’s settings first and see if such an option exists.

Here’s an example from the Avada theme (affiliate link):

It’s under the Privacy section because Google Fonts is “affected” by the wonderful and not frustrating at all GDPR law.


So, privacy might be another reason why you’d want to remove them.

Some plugins, especially the ones that handle optimization, might have such a feature as well. So, look through their settings as well.

Use the “Disable Google Fonts” Plugin

If your theme or optimization plugins don’t offer such a feature, then use the Disable Google Fonts plugin.

The plugin is lightweight and has no settings!

All you have to do is to install and activate it, and it will stop the fonts from loading.

Here’s how to install a WordPress plugin.


If your theme or one of your plugins doesn’t load the fonts in the default manner, the plugin won’t be able to disable them.

If the fonts are loaded via JavaScript, for example, then it won’t work, and you should contact the developers to help you out with some custom coding.

Support the Developer

If you use the plugin, you might want to consider donating to the developer by clicking on the Donate to this plugin button found in the plugin’s page.

You can also leave a nice review.

That’s a Wrap

I hope you found the post useful and managed to disable Google Fonts on your WordPress website!

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