If you’re working on a post or page, and want someone to see a preview of your work before publishing it, they’ll have to log in to your website, because sharing drafts is not a default feature in WordPress.


If you don’t want to create a new WordPress user for them, then you’ll have to use a plugin to share a draft with whomever you want.

Use the “Public Post Preview” plugin to share drafts

The Public Post Preview plugin generates a special link that you can share with anyone you want, and they’ll be able to see your draft.


In order to share a draft using this plugin, you’ll have to access the page or post that you are working on and click the Enable public preview checkbox, which is found on the right sidebar, in the Publish meta box. Then copy the link and give it to whomever you want.

share draft with public post preview plugin

In order to disable the link, making it inaccessible, just uncheck the Enable public preview box.


By default, the link will expire after 48 hours. If it expires, but you still need it, just generate a new preview link, like you did the first time.

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