Those who hate the Gutenberg editor (I like it) will love the Avada (affiliate link) theme even more.


The developers created a built-in feature that allows you to select what you’d like to use when creating a blog post (same goes for pages):

  • Classic editor;
  • Gutenberg editor;
  • Fusion Builder.

That’s right! If you’re using Avada, you won’t have to install the Classic Editor plugin anymore.


How to select the Gutenberg editor in Avada

If you create a new post in Avada 5.7.2+, the classic editor will be chosen by default.

The first time I saw this, I was like: “Wait, wait… Where’s Gutenberg?”. It made me check my updates again to see if they are correct. :)

It’s very easy to miss, especially when you don’t expect something like this.


But I quickly find out that you don’t have one, but three choices when creating a new post.

So, to choose the Gutenberg editor in Avada, you’ll have to click the down-arrow next to the Add New button.

select the gutenberg editor in avada

That’s it!

Now the new post will be created with the Gutenberg editor.


I don’t recommend using the Fusion Builder to write posts.

The main reason being that if you ever want to change the theme, and you have, like, 500 posts, then you’ll have to edit all of them to remove the shortcodes left from the page builder. 

How much time do you think it will take?

Keep the Fusion Builder for pages, which usually require a much more sophisticated design than posts, and they are not added 
(in most cases) by the hundreds or thousands.


If you create a post using the Fusion Builder, you won’t be able to edit it with the Gutenberg editor, or vice-versa. 

That’s a wrap

I hope this post cleared the confusion on where’s the Gutenberg editor in the Avada theme.

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