A lot of clients have asked us how can they rearrange the order of their standard posts and their custom post types, therefore, we decided to share the solution with you too. For those of you that might not know and wondering what custom post types are, they are used for things like FAQ’s, services, portfolio, staff, and so on.

Since WordPress doesn’t allow you to reorder your posts and custom post types by default, I’ll show you a simple and free plugin that can do that, since it’s the easiest and fastest way.

Using the Post Type Order plugin

Post Types Order Plugin


After installing, go to Settings -> Post Order Types, and go through those few settings and set them based on your preferences.

Post Order Type Plugin Settings

Now you can just go and rearrange the order of your WordPress standard posts or custom post types. Just hold down left-click and then drag & drop as you wish, like in the below example:

How to reorder custom post types in WordPress

That’s it! Now your posts will be rearranged.

That’s a wrap

Hope you found the post useful!

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