Using WooCommerce’s Up-Sells feature is a good and profitable idea because you can recommend other products instead of the currently viewed one. It’s similar to using Related Posts at the bottom of your blog post.

You can check out our basic package to see how this looks like.

In this way, you can bring to your customer’s attention other products that are more profitable, have a better quality, or are more expensive; it’s up to you.

The bad news is that this feature comes with the default text “You may also like…”, which will be positioned above the recommended products. Some of you may be bothered by this, like we were, because that text might not be such a good fit for your products or services. Therefore, you’ll want to change it, and I’ll tell you how!

How to change the WooCommerce Up-Sells text

There are two ways to do this, or there could be more, but these are the ones we know about and use. If you know another technique, please share it with us by dropping a comment.

Both of these methods will require a change in the WooCommerce code. Don’t panic, it’s easy!

Method 1 (recommended) – Changing the text in the up-sells.php file

1. Ok, what you need to do is to log into your hosting’s control panel (cPanel in this case) and find File Manager:

cpanel file manager

2. Now, under public_html, go to /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/single-product/up-sells.php:

up sells php file in woocommerce

3. Right-click on the upsells.php file and choose Edit or Code Edit to find the line quick.

4. After that, scroll down to line 39 (it may be a different line for you) and change the “You may also like” text to whatever you want.

change "you may also like..." woocommerce up-sells text

5. Click Save Changes and you’re done!

Method 2 – Changing the text in the woocommerce.pot file

That file might seems strange because of that .pot extension, but don’t worry, the editing process is the same.

1. Just like above, log into cPanel, go to File Manager, and under public_html go to /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/i18n/languages/woocommerce.pot


2. Now right-click it and select Edit or Code Edit. Since this is a large file, it will be easier to just press Ctrl+F (Command + F on Mac) on your keyboard, then enter “you may also like” in the search box, and click find.

change woocommerce "you may also like..." up-sells text

3. Change the text to whatever you like and click Save Changes.

That’s it!


Up-Sells is a great WooCommerce feature, and now that you know how to change its text, it’s even better!

We recommend using the first method because most of you are more familiar with .php files, rather than strange .pot ones. It’s also easier, since the .php file is way smaller, allowing you to quickly find the text just by scrolling down a bit!

Hope you found our guide useful! If you know another technique, please share it with us by leaving a comment!

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