In this article, I’m going to show you a little trick that will reveal one of the things that are lesser-known in WordPress – the hidden settings panel!


This WordPress settings panel is hidden for a reason, so people won’t mess around with it by accident or not.

I’m showing you this just so you know about it, and maybe, if ever needed, to look for some options stored by plugins, options stored in your WordPress database, etc.


Access the hidden settings panel in WordPress

Accessing the panel is very straightforward.

You just need to log into WordPress and then use the following URL: That’s it!

Don’t forget to replace with your actual domain name.


After accessing that URL, something like this will appear in your Dashboard:

Hidden settings panel in WordPress

Hidden settings panel in WordPress

Pretty cool, huh?


Now you know one of WordPress’ little secrets!

That’s a wrap

Hope you enjoyed our post regarding this little trick.

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