Basically, a nested list is a list within a list. It’s like having subtopics to a topic.


In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create ordered or unordered nested lists in WordPress using the Classic Editor, Gutenberg or HTML.

1. Create nested lists in WordPress using the Classic Editor

Step 1 – Create a normal list


Simply add an ordered or unordered list using the Bulleted list or Numbered list button.

ordered and unordered list in wordpress

I added both, so you can see how they’ll look like.


Step 2 – Make the list nested

Select the list items that you want to add to the nested list and click the Increase indent button.

create nested lists in wordpress

That’s it!


2. Create nested lists in WordPress using Gutenberg

Step 1 – Add the List block

Click the + icon, search for “List” and add the block.

list block gutenberg

Step 2 – Create a list and start indenting

From here on it’s just like you see in the above example.

Create a normal list, then select the items that you want to add to the nested list, then click on the Indent list item button.

gutenberg nested lists

3. Create nested lists in WordPress using HTML

If you have some basic HTML knowledge and don’t mind using the Text editor (Classic Editor) or the Edit as HTML feature (Gutenberg), then you can use this method.

You just need to follow this HTML example:

The <ul></ul> tags start and close the list, while the <li></li> start and close an item within the list.

The <ul> tag will create an unordered, bulleted nested list.

If you want to create an ordered, numbered nested list, then replace <ul> with <ol>.

That’s a wrap

Hope you found the tutorial useful and you understood how to create nested lists in WordPress.

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