WordPress themes based on StudioPress’ Genesis Framework (affiliate link) are well known for being properly optimized and for focusing on performance.


Since they’re focusing on delivering optimal performance, the themes won’t be packed with tons of features and options from the start, as other themes are.

So, after installing the Genesis Framework and your child theme, you might notice that you don’t have an option to change the footer text – the copyright and stuff.


In this post, I’ll show you an easy way to do that!

Change the footer text in your Genesis Framework theme

Usually, I tend to recommend using code whenever possible, so you won’t end up installing a ton of plugins for every little customization. The fewer plugins you have, the better!

This time, though, I’ll only recommend using a plugin since the code isn’t the one-size-fits-all type.


Some of you might want different info in your footer, therefore the code will require different customization, which can be confusing and lead to a mess if you don’t have web development knowledge.

The plugin that you’ll have to install is called Genesis Simple Edits, and it’s developed by StudioPress, the creators of the Genesis Framework.

So, you can rest assured that it’s a light, optimized, and compatible plugin.

After installing the plugin, you’ll have the following options, which are found in Genesis -> Simple Edits, on your Dashboard’s sidebar.


genesis simple edits plugin

There, you can change the following:

1. Entry Meta (above content) – the meta data that will appear under your title.

genesis framework post meta above

2. Entry Meta (below content) – appears right after your post’s content.

genesis framework after post meta

Click on the Show available entry meta shortcodes link to display the shortcodes that you can use for both option 1 and 2.

genessi entry meta shortcodes

3. Footer Credits Text.

genesis framework footer credits text

4. Footer Output – If you want to override option 3 and modify the entire footer text, then enable this option and add whatever you wish.

You’ll need to know a bit of HTML, though.

Or, you can go and create a new post or page (don’t publish it; delete it afterward), use the Visual editor to write whatever you want and add links, then switch to the Text Editor and copy everything that’s there and paste it in the Footer Output box.

This won’t work properly if you’ll use the new Gutenberg editor because in its text editor a lot of other HTML codes will appear.

Click on the Show available footer shortcodes link to display the shortcodes that you can use for both option 3 and 4.

genesis footer shortcodes

That’s a wrap

Hope this tutorial helped you to successfully change your footer text in your Genesis Framework theme.

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