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WordPress has definitely proven to be the most popular CMS in the past decade, and its multi-purpose usage has brought it there.


With WooCommerce integration, it can certainly become a powerful eCommerce platform, as it can be used, with proper optimization, for any online store size.

WordPress makes it easy for users to design and launch their own online shops.

This gave rise to a huge market demand, which is saturated with numerous eCommerce WordPress themes that are packed with functionalities to satisfy every need.


I’ve made a list of some of the best premium eCommerce WordPress themes, keeping usability and design in mind!

1. Flatsome | Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme

flatsome ecommerce wordpress theme

Current sales: 77,101 | Current rating: 4.80/5 from 4,273 reviews | Current price: $59

Flatsome is a best selling premium eCommerce WordPress theme based on WooCommerce, and its developed by UXThemes – a Power Elite Author who sells their theme exclusively on ThemeForest.


This eCommerce WordPress theme has been initially launched back in September 2013 and made over 75,000 sales so far.

Flatsome offers over 300 different design layouts and sections ready to be used for almost any type of eCommerce website.

They also have a large built-in elements library.

Although the mere mention of a “page builder” causes mixed feelings with any experienced developer, the Flatsome’s Live Page Builder is pretty well optimized.

This eCommerce WordPress theme was built with usability and user experience in mind, and it’s one of the fastest and well-optimized WordPress themes out on the market.

2. Shopkeeper | eCommerce WP Theme for WooCommerce

shopkeeper premium ecommerce wordpress theme

Current sales: 23,626 | Current rating: 4.62/5 from 928 reviews | Current price: $69

Shopkeeper is another premium eCommerce WordPress theme that is compatible with WooCommerce.

This theme, developed by the GetBowtied team – a Power Elite Author, has been sold over 23,000 times since its initial release in November 2014.

Shopkeeper is among the first WordPress themes to offer compatibility with the new Gutenberg editor.

The theme has integrated the WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress (formerly Visual Composer) for users to easily design their online store’s appearance.

Aside from numerous visual elements and layouts at your disposal, this eCommerce WordPress theme is optimized for fast loading.

Shopkeeper also has great documentation and a development/support team worth the praise.

3. Porto | Multi-Purpose WordPress & Ultimate WooCommerce Theme

porto premium ecommerce wordpress theme

Current sales: 19,305 | Current rating: 4.89/5 from 1670 reviews | Current price: $59

Next on this list of best premium eCommerce WordPress themes is Porto.

Porto is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that can combine eCommerce features with a business/corporate website design.

It’s developed by another Power Elite Author from Envato’s Hall of Fame: P-Themes.

It was sold over 19,000 times so far since its initial release back in March 2015.

The theme offers over 20 different demo designs for almost any online store layout.

And you can successfully import each and one of them because the theme is optimized to also work on low-level servers, including shared hosting.

The creators of Porto were one of the first authors to add GDPR-specific functionalities on their products.

This eCommerce WordPress theme is probably one of the best rated on ThemeForest, with a score of 4.89/5 from more than 1,600 customer reviews.

4. Neighborhood | Responsive Multi-Purpose Shop Theme

neighborhood premium ecommerce wordpress theme

Current sales: 8,946 | Current rating: 4.59/5 from 755 reviews | Current price: $59

Neighborhood is yet another multi-purpose WordPress shop theme that is compatible with WooCommerce.

This theme is developed by SwiftIdeas, another Power Elite Author, and has made almost 9,000 sales since its initial release back in July 2013.

The Neighborhood theme is built upon Twitter’s 1170px Bootstrap framework, the world’s most popular mobile-first and responsive front-end framework.

Their Swift Page Builder V2 offers a combination of 40 elements that will allow you to create unique pages for your eCommerce website.

Or, you could choose from the 19 pre-made page templates, which you can install with one click.

With its unique features and flexibility, Neighborhood gives you a lot of control over your online shop’s design, making it one of the best premium eCommerce WordPress themes out there.

5. Blaszok | eCommerce Theme

blaszok premium ecommerce wordpress theme

Current sales: 7,059 | Current rating: 4.65/5 from 654 reviews | Current price: $36

Blaszok is a beautiful eCommerce WordPress theme that follows the best HTML5 semantics practices, and it’s developed with usability and discoverability in mind.

Developed by MPC, you guessed – another Power Elite Author, this WordPress eCommerce theme has made over 7,000 sales since its initial release back in March 2014.

Blazsok comes bundled with several premium WordPress plugins and extensions that can save you approximately $139:

The theme offers 25 ready-to-use demos, which you can import with only one click.

It also includes some awesome and interesting features, such as 35+ header layouts, smart search especially designed for shopping purposes, 9 blog post formats, and more!

A great characteristic of the developers is that they listen to their customers, something that most theme developers don’t do.

Thus, they implemented over 100 user-requested features and functionalities so far!


Final thoughts

Choosing a proper WordPress theme is extremely important when creating an eCommerce website.

You should always look for a theme that has clean design and code, useful features that you’ll use, and a team behind it to provide continuous updates and support.

The above eCommerce WordPress themes are one of the best, and they definitely have what it takes to build a great online shop for your business!

That’s a wrap

I hope you found Nina’s list of best premium eCommerce WordPress themes helpful! Let us know if you picked a theme from the list!

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