To be honest, I don’t know how to properly name this post for this specific issue, but I hope it will be discovered by people who are experiencing it.


On a couple of my pages, I have 3 columns with no spacing between and a zoom-in effect on hover. And they’re on a 100% width container.

avada full-width columns

But a thin vertical white line (margin) appeared next to one of them, depending on the browser, like this:

margin column avada browser rendering

This was permanently showing in Chrome. In Firefox, it would only appear on mouse hover. And in Opera (yep, that’s a browser), it was showing on the left side.

And I knew that this isn’t a problem on my end because it happens on their University demo as well.

avada university demo columns rendering issue

So, it was clearly a browser compatibility issue, but I didn’t know how to fix it on my own.


After contacting support, I got the fix, and I’ll share it with you.

What you need to do to fix this browser rendering issue in Avada is to add a CSS code in WordPress or directly into the theme by going to Avada > Theme Options > Custom CSS.

This is the code that you need to add:

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Most likely, you won’t see the change just by refreshing the page, so make sure you clear your browser and site cache after adding the code.

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I hope this post was useful to you and solved this problem with full-width columns in Avada!

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