In a previous post, I’ve shown you how to add Google Fonts in WordPress.


In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to embed a Google form in WordPress using both Classic and Gutenberg editors.

Google Forms is an easy and free tool which allows you to easily create all kinds of forms and add them on your website.


Let’s get to it!

Note: You’ll need to have a Google account for this!

How to Get the Embed Code from Google Forms

Step 1


Head over to Google Forms and select one of the pre-made forms or create one yourself by selecting the Blank form.

google forms

Step 2

I’ll just choose the pre-made “Contact Information” form for this example.

After you finished setting up your form, click on the Send button in the upper-right.

send button google forms

After that, click on the Embed HTML tab, then select and copy the code.

google forms embed html

I recommend not making the width too big because some WordPress themes might not make iframes responsive, and the form won’t scale down on smartphones.

Leaving the default width and height should fit most smartphone screens.

Now, let’s see how to add this code in WordPress.

Embed the Google Form in the Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Step 1

Click on the + sign to add a block, then search and select Custom HTML.

custom html block

Step 2

Paste the embed code for the Google form in the Custom HTML block.

google forms embed code in custom html block

That’s it!

You can click on the block’s Preview tab to preview your Google form in the Gutenberg editor.

preview google form in gutenberg editor

Embed the Google Form in the Classic WordPress Editor

For those of you that use the Classic Editor plugin, you just need to switch to the Text editor and paste the embed code there.

embed google form in classic wordpress editor

That’s it!

While there might be a plugin or two out there for this, I don’t recommend using one.

There’s no use, especially when Google also lets you customize the form by clicking the palette icon in the upper-right.

customizing google form

That’s a Wrap

I hope this post has helped you out, and you managed to embed a Google form in WordPress!

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