Setting up an effective WordPress website is not an easy feat, and even the most experienced of website developers still struggle with some elements of it.


Choosing the right web host for your business website requirements is a vital piece of the jigsaw puzzle, but there is much more to it than that.

When you’re selecting your web host, you should look at all of the key measures, such as performance, price, customer service, storage, bandwidth, uptime etc. That is usually the first problem that you need to solve.


The next is all about your content. What content do you need and how do you lay out your website pages to get the highest conversion rates.

This part can be a real problem unless you have something like this infographic, which will show you exactly which features you need to include and how to use them.

For example, uploading video testimonials to promote your business and having a really visible call to action set up in the right place.


Getting your content right plays a really significant part in the performance of your website.

Your content needs to be SEO friendly and it needs to be developed with your target audience in mind.

Publishing content on a regular basis is a great, but it’s pointless if it doesn’t appeal to the people that you are trying to convert into customers.

How to develop a high performing business website

Use this infographic to take some of the complexity out of your content creation and placement.


These 25 features are proven to be effective and, when used correctly, should result in a timely boost for your business.

Why do the hard work when you have all of the answers right here?

This infographic is provided by UK Web Host Review.

25 Essential Features for Business Websites