Someone asked on a Facebook WordPress group how can she display recent posts from another site into her own WordPress blog.


I thought this would be a good topic for a tutorial that can help more people who might need something like this implemented.

Fortunately, WordPress has some built-in features that will allow you to do this, so the process will be an easy one.


Let’s get to it!

Display Recent Posts from Another Site in WordPress

WordPress sites, as well as other types of sites, usually have some sort of feed.

WordPress uses an RSS feed, which you can access by typing /feed/ at the end of a domain (e.g.

Cloudways rss feed
ThemeSkills’ RSS feed

Note that not all browsers show this feed, or they show it differently.

Firefox will ask you what tool do you want to open it with, or if you want to save it. It won’t show anything by default.

Chrome shows it as plain XML code unless you install an add-on, such as RSS Subscription Extension (by Google).

Now, what you have to do in WordPress to display recent posts from another site is to use that feed.


Here’s how.

Step 1

Go to the site you want and copy its feed URL (e.g.

Step 2

Note that this will only work if that site has an Atom or RSS feed!

You can display recent posts from the feed using different methods.

Using the Widgets section

Log in to your Dashboard, go to Appearance > Widgets and drag the RSS widget into your sidebar, footer, or any area of your theme that supports widgets.

wordpress rss widget

Then, paste the feed URL that you copied.

rss feed widget

You have several other options there as well.

Using the Gutenberg block

The Gutenberg editor has an RSS block that you can use to display the recent posts within a page or post.

gutenberg editor rss block

You’ll find the block’s settings on the right sidebar.

rss block settings

Using a page builder

Some page builders, such as Elementor, allow you to use the default WordPress widgets anywhere within your page.

elementor rss widget

I don’t recommend using a page builder only to add this widget, though.

Here’s how the recent posts would look like in a page using the Gutenberg RSS block.

display posts gutenberg rss block

Pretty neat, right?

You can display your own RSS feed on your site as well.

That’s a Wrap

I hope you found this tutorial useful and comprehensive, and you managed to display recent posts from another site in WordPress.

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