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There are many people out there who purchase a web hosting plan, install WordPress, and then they install a maintenance plugin, completely ignoring to add a ‘coming soon’ page to their WordPress website.

A coming soon page may seem an unnecessary feature for your website, but trust me, this is one of the important things to start with after installing WordPress.


To give you a better insight, let me talk about some of the benefits.

Benefits of having a coming soon page for your WordPress website

1. Offer a launch date

coming soon wordpress page

If someone’s visiting your WordPress website before you actually launch it, then there’s a reason for that. Maybe the visitors are interested in your business or products.


Simply displaying a message like: “We are working on our website, please check back later!” is something you should not do, as it does not give any important information to the visitors.

Instead, you should let them know when you are launching your WordPress website.

This will help them to revisit it when it’s live and functional.

2. Don’t let the visitors go just yet

coming soon page subscription wordpress page
Letting the visitors know the launch date is an important step, but you can do better than that!


Add an email form on your coming soon page and tell the visitors that you’ll also email them when the site goes live.

You can use the email addresses for your email marketing campaign later on.

Of course, with the new GDPR law in place, you should have a proper disclosure and also ask for consent first.

3. Let your customers pre-purchase your product

If you are selling a product, and you are yet to launch your WordPress website, then you should already use the coming soon page to get some customers.

Often, brands let their customers pre-purchase their products. All they do is to add a form where the customers have to enter their details.

After that, when the company finally launches the product, they send an email to all those customers to get an instant sale.

4. Test your idea

If you are a product creator, you obviously want to know if your product will have success or not. So, a coming soon page can actually help you test your idea.

For this, you can create a coming soon page where you can talk about your product, and below, add a registration form.

After that, start promoting the product. If you are getting user registrations, then it means you have a product that sounds pretty good to the users.

5. Promote your social media accounts

Social media platforms are a great way to promote all sorts of things.

Today, one can create a product and reach a vast audience, thanks to the billions of users that use social media platforms.

Thus, it’s important to promote your social media accounts as well. You can add links to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media accounts that you might have.

Now, when someone visits your WordPress website, they will be able to follow you, if they wish so, and can also be notified via social media when your site is launched.

6. Introduce your project to the audience

Before you go ahead and launch your project, you need to create hype in the market.

However, creating hype without letting the audience know about your project is not efficient.

That is why you should introduce your products or services through a video.

Why a video?

Videos are a great way of advertisement. Nobody will read a 1000-word article, but instead, they would like to see a short presentation video.

7. Offer initial sales or coupons

You obviously want those visitors that are going to see your coming soon page to revisit your WordPress website, but most of them probably won’t.

But, offering them an incentive will most likely do the trick.

For example, you can offer coupons that they can use when your WordPress website goes live. Everyone loves coupons, right?

8. Show your contact details

If you are a plumber, for example, and you’re about to go online with your business, then you definitely should show your contact details on your coming soon page.

That way, if someone needs your services, they can use your contact details to get in touch with you, even if your WordPress website is not live yet.

Final words

So, those were the top 8 benefits of having a coming soon page for your WordPress website.

There is no doubt that a coming soon page can help you in many ways. However, in the end, it’s up to you and how are you going to use it to your benefit.

That’s a wrap

Hope you found the guide useful!

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