If you don’t know what WordPress version your website’s running on, and you don’t know where to look either, then you’re in the right place!


In this guide, I’ll show you 4 different ways to check for your WordPress version.

Let’s see them!


1. Check the Footer of Your Admin Area

This is the easiest method.

Simply log in to your WordPress Dashboard, then scroll all the way at the bottom.

You should see a text on the left side saying “Thank you for creating with WordPress.” and the WordPress version on the right side (e.g. Version 5.0.3).

wordpress version admin area

2. Check the Updates Section

Log in to WordPress, then go to Dashboard > Updates.

There, if WordPress is up to date, you’ll see a text saying that if you need to re-install version X, you can do so there.

That WordPress version is the one you currently have installed.

wordpress version updates

This won’t appear if you have an update pending. And you should probably go ahead and update.


3. Check Your Source Code

Go to any page on the front-end of your website and right-click on it, then select View page source.

view page source chrome
This is how it looks like in the Chrome browser

Now, press CTRL – F (Windows) or CMD – F (macOS) on your keyboard and add the word generator in the search field that will appear.

search chrome
This is how it shows in the Chrome browser

After you add the word “generator” there, it should be highlighted like this:

wordpress version source code

Next to it, your WordPress version should be displayed.

In some cases, you might find more than one “generator” word, and the first one might not be next to the WordPress version.

If that’s the case, just click on the arrows from the search box to move to the next word until you find the one needed.

4. Check the version.php File

This method is a bit more complicated, but it can be useful in case you somehow have a feature implemented that hides the WordPress version and any WordPress information from the front-end.

Some developers and plugins do that for extra security.

Anyway, for this method, you’ll have to access your WordPress files.

The version.php file can normally be found in:


If you have an add-on domain, it will normally be in:


version.php wordpress file
Viewing the file in cPanel

Once you’ve found the file, right-click on it to open it, then look for the $wp_version variable that holds the current WordPress version.

It should be at the beginning of the file.

wordpress version in the version.php file

In my case, it shows $wp_version = '5.0.3';.

That’s a Wrap

I hope you found the post useful, and you managed to find out what WordPress version you’re using!

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