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One of the few regrets anyone can have in an online business is the failure to collect the email addresses of their visitors. Simply put, the failure to have a list.

More often than not, you will hear people say “The money is in the list”, and that by itself is a statement of truth.


An email list gets people to come back to your website, and by extension, it increases the profit of your business, because you are already dealing with a targeted audience.

Therefore, it is essential that you build an email list if you intend to reach out to old customers and engage your readers.

Whichever the case, this doesn’t happen by rocket science. You will need to add beautiful opt-in forms to your website and analyse your data to know what technique and strategy will work best for you.


A WordPress plugin, MailOptin, makes it super easy to ask people to join your email list. This is the elemental aspect of list building.

Without any further ado, let’s get to this MailOptin review and take a look at the plugin’s features and what makes it a good choice for growing your email list.

How Can MailOptin Grow My Business?

MailOptin is an all-in-one solution that allows you to grow your email list, and in addition to that, grow your sales and revenue.

No doubt, if you can grow a targeted list, you are always going to make money out of it.


You can start creating eye-catching forms that actually convert with MailOptin.

Inside the plugin, you will find a collection of pre-made opt-in forms, which you can also customize to match your content.

mailoptin customization

Although there are a lot of built-in templates, you also have several opt-in form types to select from.

You can create popular popups called “Lightbox”, as well create opt-ins in-between posts, or via widgets, which will be available in your sidebar.

It is also possible to have your opt-ins displayed as a notification bar on your site.

The option to use “Shortcodes” or “Template tag” is also nicely implemented in the plugin.

Take a look at the MailOptin’s form types below.

mailoptin opt-in types

Also, here are some of the beautiful templates you can use on your WordPress site.

mailoptin themes

Essentially, with MailOptin, you can easily:

  • Create multiple opt-in form types using a live visual editor;
  • Connect the opt-in forms to multiple email service providers;
  • Determine how you want these forms to be displayed using its advanced trigger rules;
  • Take advantage of statistical data, including A/B split testing to analyse your opt-in forms for conversions.

Creating Opt-in Forms in MailOptin

In order to demonstrate how the plugin works, let’s create a popup opt-in form.

There are six major pages in MailOptin that contain different settings.

Step 1

Click on “Optin Campaigns”. Within this page, you can create a new campaign.

It is possible to have different forms running on your WordPress site.

For instance, you could have both popups and “in-post” opt-in forms attached to your articles.

Step 2

After deciding on the type of form you want to create, click on “Add New” and you will be taken to a new page where you can select a “Campaign Template”.

Step 3

Give the campaign a name and select a theme.

Bear in mind that whatever theme you select, you will be able to customize it, completely!

create optin with mailoptin

Email Integration

The plugin offers one of the best ways to connect your WordPress website to any of your desired autoresponders.

There is support for all the leading email service providers! All you need to do is connect the plugin to the service, which is not complicated.

For each of the autoresponders, the plugin has a link that guides you to properly integrate or connect to your email service provider.

mailoptin integration

Detailed Targeting and Multiple Rules

One of the features of MailOptin that makes it a preferred choice over other alternatives is its precise targeting and trigger options.

The “Display Rules” setting of MailOptin contains some of the most powerful features.

These are a set of rules that simply allow you to determine how you want your opt-in forms to be displayed.

display rules

Basically, you can decide:

  • How you want your opt-in forms to be triggered;
  • Which pages you want your opt-in forms to be displayed on;
  • If you want to show your opt-in forms to new or returning visitors;
  • To show a success message or close the opt-in forms after getting a lead;
  • If you want to display your opt-in forms to mobile, PC or tablet users.
mailoptin after conversion

Digging deeper, the MailOptin plugin also allows you to trigger your opt-in forms using any of these factors:

  • Exit-Intent (trigger your form to visitors whenever they attempt to leave your website);
  • Scroll-trigger;
  • Time on site;
  • Referrer detection;
  • Page views trigger;
  • Adblock detection;
  • And lots more.

There is also an option to display opt-in forms only when a visitor clicks a specific link in your post.

This is called Click Launch in MailOptin. A very handy feature that lets you hide contents behind a subscriber’s box.

So, if your visitors are interested in getting whatever is behind the opt-in form, they have to subscribe.

It’s like a bait. You use what you have to get what you want.

The success of this method lies in the value of the content you have hidden using the “Click Launch” functionality.

click launch mailoptin

Email Automation

It is also possible to send out newsletters to your subscribers.

You already have a default template you can work with, and there is also an option to “code your design” from scratch.

Here, it is required to have some level of coding knowledge to get this done. Otherwise, you can rely on the plugin’s predefined templates, which are, unsurprisingly, pretty good.

If you published a new post, MailOptin can automatically send out the post as a newsletter to your list of subscribers on MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, and other supported email marketing tools.

It can also send the newsletter on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

email automations mailoptin

Publish Your Opt-in Form

After choosing a form type, selecting a template, customizing, and going through the configuration steps, the next thing to do is to publish or enable your opt-in form.

In the “Optin Campaign” page, toggle on/off your opt-in campaign to enable or disable it.

A blue opt-in campaign indicates that the specific form is live, while a grey colour means that the opt-in form has been deactivated.

activated campaign mailoptin

Managing Your Campaigns, Checking Analytics, and A/B Split Test

When your campaign goes live, you can carry out additional actions which are necessary for analysing how your campaign is doing, such as:

  • Top converting opt-ins;
  • Top converting pages;
  • Top displayed opt-ins;
  • Number of impressions;
  • Number of subscribers;
  • Conversion rate.
mailoptin analytics

Then, you can use that data to improve your opt-in forms in order to boost your click-through rate and get better results overall.

split test mailoptin

Once you set up a split test, you can fall back to it after a while.

The MailOptin plugin will provide results from multiple variations of your opt-in campaigns. Then, you can pick a winner.

Pricing & Support

mailoptin pricing

MailOptin currently has three pricing plans including a free version which you can try out immediately.

For as low as $69 per year, you can purchase the Standard plan. The Pro plan goes for $169, while the Agency plan has a price tag of $269.

Some of the features mentioned in this MailOptin review are not available in the Standard plan. So, you may want to pay attention to other plans that contain the specific features you are interested in.

You can access MailOptin’s official pricing page to find out what each of the plans has to offer in terms of features.

MailOptin Review Conclusion: Is It Worth Your Money?

MailOptin is a cost-effective way to start building an email list.

It doesn’t come with a complex interface and you don’t need to be a programmer or a professional list builder to become familiar with how it works.

While it is very powerful, it is also very easy to use.

MailOptin can be used by bloggers, eCommerce website owners, marketing agencies, and essentially anyone who uses WordPress and wants to build an email list.

The plugin brings a lot of new features into play.

The beautifully designed built-in templates make your work easier. You won’t go blank, staring at an empty white space trying to figure out what to do from the scratch.

Then, you have a bunch of targeting options you use to control how and where you want your opt-in forms to be displayed.

Moreover, you can use that feature to build a segmented email list that targets a particular set of people.

It will also let you analyse your data with its analytical and split test engine.

So, you will never build an email list based on your feelings or what you assume. You are provided with a lot of data to use in order to make accurate changes that should improve conversion rates.

MailOptin will help you take your list building journey to the next level!

So, wait no more! Try MailOptin now!