I’ve seen several people asking on the WordPress forum how to disable the autosave feature in Gutenberg, so I thought this calls for a post.


Unfortunately, I didn’t find a code for this, so you’ll have to use a plugin.

Normally, I try to recommend code whenever possible because the fewer plugins you have, the better!


The plugin that you’ll have to install is called Disable Gutenberg Autosave, and it’s very simple to use.

You just have to install and activate it, and it will disable the autosave by default.

If you only wish to change the interval of the autosave feature, then you can do so by going into a post and clicking the icon at the top-right, next to the settings icon.

disable gutenberg autosave

There, you can select an autosave interval between 10 seconds and 30 minutes.

That’s it!

If you want to disable autosave in Gutenberg because you worry about the Revisions that are pilling up and bloating your database, then you might want to limit or disable them instead.

That’s a wrap

Hope you find the post useful!


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