How to Change the Number of Posts Shown on Your WordPress Blog

>How to Change the Number of Posts Shown on Your WordPress Blog
  • change the number of posts shown in wordpress blog

By default, WordPress will display a maximum of 10 posts on every blog page. Some of you might want to change that but don’t know how, especially if you are a beginner when it comes to WordPress.

The solution is dead easy, and I’ll show it to you in this article.

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How to change the number of posts

What you need to do is to just modify the number of posts in your Reading settings. So, log in to your WordPress dashboard, then go to Settings -> Reading:


Once there, look for Blog pages show at most:


Now change the number to whatever you want. Press Save and you’re done! You can now go and check out the modifications.

Note: We don’t recommend selecting a number that will show more than 10 posts per page!

Why you shouldn’t display more than 10 posts per page

1. Speed

The more posts you display on your blog page, the bigger the page size will get, so it will take more time to load, especially if you use big excerpts and featured images.

2. SEO

There are themes that insert the posts’ titles as H1 headings on the blog pages, which is not a best on-page SEO practice. There should be only one H1 heading, which should be the title of your blog, category, archive, etc.

The posts’ titles should be H2 headings. When someone clicks on a post, the title should turn into an H1, of course.

Having a lot of H1’s on a page is also not good because it dilutes the topic of the page, confusing search engines.

So, if you find yourself in this kind of situation and can’t change it because it requires coding or something, at least make sure you have a lot less posts on your blog pages.

It’s also important to have excerpts under, so there won’t be only H1 headings. That will make it even worse.

Video Tutorial


If you want to change the number of posts shown on your WordPress blog pages, try not to go higher than 10 because it can affect your page speed and, in some cases, your SEO.

How many posts do you display on your blog pages? Leave a comment and let us know!

Hope you found this article useful!

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