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Themeskills superceded my expectations! I started with a concept but had zero wordpress experience and little to no tech skills. These guys helped me implement my ideas, walked me through switching my domain, suggested a host, and helped me navigate appropriate themes. They got my blog up and going and gave me tools and tips to help me as I navigate the new-to-me wordpress blog world. I am so grateful for everything they've done for me and would recommend them to everyone in a heartbeat!!!

Jessica JessRunsBlessed.com

These guys made it all from scratch and did a great job. The site is working smooth, the SEO tweaks were very helpful, and the site's look is praised by everybody!

Zack UnbanService.com

The guys did an amazing job in a very short time, shorter than I've expected. I had the site up and running in just a couple of days.

They are very helpful and the communication is great! Keep it up!

Nick Gamekek.com

The guys have done a sterling job! Certainly saved me lots of time and confusion with everything!

Thomas ICL-Associates.com

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